I was born into a high-performance environment. My Dad was a professional footballer and our house was always filled with people who were helping him achieve that extra 1%.

From an early age, I was aware that to achieve your full potential, to perform at your absolute best, support was needed. Building that team around you was part of your personal journey to success.

My Dad also meditated every day and got me practicing mindfulness from a young age. I’ve always been aware that developing horizontally helps performance peak. The deeper you go, the greater your sense of who you truly are, the higher you soar.


At seven years old I was painfully shy – too shy to ask where the toilet was on my first day of school! It took me many years to unpin and dissolve this label of ‘shyness’ from my young mind. Through many practices and insights, it is a mere memory now.


I distinctly remember being unimpressed with this trophy, and with the idea of winning. I loved to compete but the feeling of winning has always left me hollow. I yearned to go deeper and know myself.

As I have developed my skills and unlocked inner gifts, I’ve come to realise the trophies I yearn for are within.



Today, my vision is to help every person fulfil their human potential; to help each person see the unlimited possibilities they have within and craft a path that helps to release their unique piece of human life in to the world.

It would be my pleasure to help you awaken and realise your potential. Please, contact me today to book a session.