"Danny has taken me to the next level both physically and mentally and has taken me to places I never thought I could go! "

− John Stones

"It’s always a pleasure working with Danny. I enjoy his positive attitude and he helps me to get my body and mind working in harmony.

− Ana Ivanovic

"I recommend Dan and Embodyism to any athlete, individual or organisation aiming to achieve their maximum potential."

− Louis Saha

It’s all about the extra 1%

As a high performance athlete you know an extra 1%, whether it’s to your mind or your body, can make a transformational difference to your game. To gain a sustained competitive advantage on the field, you’ll be looking beyond traditional therapies to set you straight. Having studied with many leading visionaries in the field of mind-body medicine, Ihave a deep, practical understanding of the body.

Using a unique combination of mind- and bodywork methods I offer a powerful solution to elite athletes, enabling considerable gains in time, power, agility and prowess.


Releasing trauma from the body is often very effective in helping athletes reach greater heights. I work primarily with the fascia and can alleviate chronic problems quickly, drawing from extensive and varied experience to improve performance.


I believe that growing as a human off the field directly influences growth on the field. Mind, body and spirit are inseparable and I always work on all three levels. Relational mindfulness is one of the most effective methods for helping athletes achieve optimum performance; it’s the future of athlete development and a core element of the work we’ll do together.

You’re no doubt curious as to my experience and pedigree, and wondering whether I might really be the solution you’ve been looking for. A glimpse into the work I’ve done and the visionaries I’ve worked with can be seen below, but it’s a phone call that will seal the deal.


The words of others are the best way to explain the unique transformations my work delivers. This collection of athlete testimonials offers an insight into the experience that awaits you.

Tim Howard

Tim Howard

John Stones

Leighton Baines

Tony Bellew