“If you work with Daniel be ready for both of you to walk away from the experience unable to explain the miracle that just happened!”


Guy Sengstock, Founder of The Circling Institute

Group coaching uses the power of the room.

Guided by me into meditation we hold silence in order to connect. Groups may consist of individuals unknown to one another or people connected by circumstance, relationship or job. I also facilitate this work with senior management teams in organisations, to improve communication and performance.

By speaking into the group and resonating with those who surround you, you will become increasingly present and aware of the patterns of behaviour you unconsciously follow. Your heightened awareness will reveal these patterns to you and they will be transformed, diminished and dissolved as I help you to accept and acknowledge them. Freed from obstructive ways of thinking, you’ll leave the group feeling changed on a dramatically deep level. Results are fast and effective, and the experience personal to you.


These comments from past attendees capture the magic of group coaching sessions.

"It cleared so much of the dense energy I’ve been holding on to"

"I'm still feeling lighter, more focused, peaceful and have an overriding feeling of "all is well" and "life is incredible"

"This autumn I have experienced a very challenging time and this group showed up in my life just as I needed it the most…I have felt that each session was a healing experience - connecting more deeply with what is going on for me and my emotions, and gradually being able to lean into the pain and release that which no longer serves me. I have felt held and supported by the group and energised and tanked up on love, every time. This is truly transformational peace-work."

"I found our last session very healing - I felt calmer, lighter and more joyful in the days that followed."

"I feel humbled to have enjoyed such connections with you all. It's definitely had an impact on my daily life."

"The course, and meeting you all, has created a 'pop' moment for me and enabled me to feel connected with everything and everyone again. I'm grateful to you all. I have been having some very unusual experiences with the universe delivering many of my 'wishes"

"I feel amazing today. Thank you, thank you, thank you"