Self-Development is Pure Fiction.

Do words have the power to penetrate the deepest aspects of your being and take you home? If there is any way the letters can be configured on this page to shift your awareness into the beyond, then this is my intention. The outpouring of letters from this place is coming without any effort. There is an effortless flow and my wish is that these temporal configurations can take you to a different dimension. This dimension is pure awareness, devoid of thought and boundary. Self-development is a myth.


The business of self-development is booming and there are a myriad of methods available to improve life, as you know it. We all have stories about who we are based on our identification with the past. Without this identification, there is no story. Nothing needed to change, improve or work on. In the timeless void of the now, there is nobody. Touching this void renders all efforts to develop the self impotent. Pure awareness is impenetrable by lies of the past. Where is awareness now and do these configurations have any power?


You see, I have a very particularly and well-cultivated version of the past that manifests as the fiction I often believe I am. Many efforts have been taken in an attempt to improve this particular fiction. The efforts might have resulted in marginal changes in the manifestation of this presence, but lets say they are marginal at best. From birth, I have desired to go beyond the limited sense of myself. Many early efforts were centred upon self-improvement. There were many shortcomings to work with: an insatiable shyness, a lack of physical and emotional sensitivity, poor communication etc.


All of this fiction relied on a concrete version of the past for its subsistence. Work in these areas created a new and better-crafted fiction. There was a loosening in the vices of identification and new ways of being in the world arose. This process of marginal “improvement” felt like a natural progression and yet ultimately was fruitless. It was only when the concrete walls of the past came crashing down for a brief peak into the unchangeable void of awareness that truly shifted the being.


In this field of pure awareness no improvement is possible. All fiction is erased and the whole cosmos is known in an instant. Nothing can be added or taken away to add to its splendor.


The path to this splendour is simple and yet elusive. I have heard the particular configurations of these letters a million times. Be fully present. Be here now. Allow awareness to be fully rooted in the present. Allow the senses to do their job. This job is to perceive the external world accurately without interpretation. Keep the senses and the whole nervous system fully open to the Universe. And then slowly, moment by moment, allow awareness to go within and to uncover the inner Universe. In this Universe, there is no fiction and identity is obliterated.


For the ultimate goal of self-development to be realised, all fiction needs to fall away, chapter by chapter. Our particular fictions colour the senses and the void of pure awareness is hidden. Go beyond your own particular fiction and stay firmly rooted in the here and now. There is no greater story to tell than the inner journey. Wake up and know this in your being. Allow these configurations of letters to penetrate your inner being deeply and open up the void. Allow this life to flower within the gateway of your being. Your being is perfect and complete in this very moment. Enjoy the splendour of your very being every unfolding moment. You are a perfect piece of human life.


If you would like to work with me to bring your particular fiction to the surface and go beyond this to your essence, contact me here.


  • Tim says:

    Im so glad I found this page. I havent met many who can express so clearly this place of realization. Its funny, usually people are either/or thinking, thinking that its all about becoming your highest self, or thinking its about going beyond the self into the primal aliveness of the void. It seems my being can not settle for one. They are like Daoist forces that balance each other. Thank you for sharing and inspiring 🙂

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