Beyond The Veil.

During an initial session with a client this week, an experience arose beyond the handbook of human experience. We talked and some mental patterns were revealed. I was very present to his words and gestures and suddenly we dropped into a different space. The ‘I’ that was aware disappeared. A deep sense of peace descended and all sense of separation dissolved. There was a flow of presence beyond emotional and mental interference. This left an indelible mark on us both.


I was asked this week by a marketing expert what I can offer people. The work that happens penetrates many levels and the quality that resonates most is a deep contentment. Sure, businesses grow, salaries rise and self-esteem escalates, but the key for me is to feel a deep contentment within. Untouched by the external drama. The marketing expert was not impressed. I need something more than deep contentment to hook people in. The experience is beyond the mind. The experience is beyond anything ‘I’ can offer.


My friend spoke of his anxiety approaching a filming session in which he was asked to be real. He is a very wise man and knows lots of stuff. He is well accustomed to presenting in a practical way, in the role of teacher. And he feared there would be nothing to say beyond this role. The film touched people deeply. He came from a deeper presence and had a profound impact. His foundation was firm in presence.


Part of me has been seeking my whole life. There was a deep whisper of longing within. Longing for what was unknown, until it was found.


The experience of pure presence feels like the veil obscuring the view suddenly drops. This familiar veil has been a companion on this journey and finds its way back into experience. Having tasted the formless, even life with the veil is unrecogniseable. Tasting this for a moment sets the heart on fire. It is the root of all confidence and the wellspring of joy.


Since the beginning of time man has sought to discover the source of life, and the mystery of his own becoming.


I was always aware of this desire to know the mystery of my own becoming. If there is a whisper within you to know this mystery, follow it. You will not regret it for a single moment. Meeting your becoming is your hearts desire. The source of life is within. The gateway is the body. Awareness is the key.


You may desire to start a company or change your physical life and I honour this deeply. We all have our roles in society. When you touch the source of life, all of this will flow with majesty like no other. There might be a mental pattern holding you back and it will be of great value to work with this. Your language will give away these deeply help patterns and so will your body.


Touching the mystery of your own becoming will change life for you. It will leave an indelible mark on your soul. Seeing beyond the veil changes everything.


The greatest gift offered through my work is deep contentment and joy. From this foundation of knowingness, your life will flow. Contentment and joy don’t satisfy the marketing expert. They will satisfy you more than you can imagine. Your soul will be nourished and you will experience a freedom to create and know the world fully.


Quote taken from “The Eternal One”, by Dorothy Boux.


  • Beautiful. Thank you. Your / our being in the flow with the source as one is your / our marketing. After all marketing is about making a connection, and needed when we forget that we are one…. And even the best of us have times we forget and lose our connection to the whole.

  • will says:

    The lifting of the veil is the only work and anything in this direction is invaluable.
    Any help to lift the veil is a beautiful gift. True grace. Thank you Love Dad.

  • Suzy says:

    You have put words to what I have been experiencing for my whole life. There are no words I say often. But you say it better, “It is beyond words”. Thank you. I love that your dad responded with such love for you.

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