7 Billion Pieces of Life.

Have you ever considered the miracle that you are? Every human being is a unique expression of life that has never been and will never be again. In the history of the Universe, there will never be another you.


     You are a unique expression of life that will never be again.


As I sit and fully appreciate the magnitude of this, my body is filled with emotion. I feel humbled by the miracle that is life. And I feel humbled by the miracle of life that I am most familiar with. I don’t always appreciate this gift you see. I get caught up in the conditionings of the mind. What happens in your being now when you deeply connect with the miracle you are?

I am sitting on a train as I write. When I connect with this recognition that I am surrounded by unique miracles of human existence, I feel a deep love towards my fellow travellers. This deep feeling for strangers doesn’t always arise in me because I am clouded by the veil of conditioning. This veil of conditioning also clouds my appreciation of my very own expression of uniqueness.

My own conditioning is evident in the habitual way I ‘meet’ strangers. I would like you now to consider how you view your own child when you see them? And consider how you look at your boss when they come into the room? How do you see male/female, rich/poor, beautiful/ugly and is the view of each the same? My own experience is that my conditioning jumps into the game and labels people very quickly. This prevents me from feeling the deep love that is arising now when I appreciate the miracle that is every unique human being.

My aim for the week is to keep this awareness at the forefront on my mind and meet people truly as they are. What happens for you when you see everyone as a miracle?

How is it possible to transcend this conditioning on a more permanent basis? Osho invites us to ‘revolt against conditioning and go beyond.’ He says that all techniques of meditation are really ‘unconditionings’. Sadhguru says:


        Meditation is an opportunity to walk out of your mind.


There are many methods to find this state of meditation and to walk out of your mind. Each unique piece of human existence will have their preferred way. My wish for us all is to find our unique way and experience the miracle of life beyond the veil. Pay homage to your unique brilliance and to your fellow recipients of this gift. We never know how long this opportunity to go beyond the veil will be with us.



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