Yearning to Go Beyond the Mind.

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Yearning to go Beyond The Mind.

Sitting with my elderly Grandmother yesterday, I was enjoying a deep connection with her and out of the blue a thought popped into my head that broke my presence. The thought was about some potential future opportunity and felt like an unwelcome visitor. My body was with her and my attention was somewhere else in the imagined future. I didn’t choose to have this thought.

This got me curious about the nature of mind and the methods of controlling thought. There is a whole movement around positive psychology, suggesting that if we control our thoughts, our life will change. Is it really possible to control thought? Are you free of thoughts that don’t seem like unwelcome visitors? And is positive thinking taking us away from the gift of the present?

Osho writes that mind is a process that is a mechanical happening as a result of our conditioning. He says that ‘minding’ has to be transcended to gain freedom. Despite the intrusion of thought, I am also aware of the powerful tool the mind can be. When I apply my mind with attention, I get a strong feeling within and this connection seems to answer the yearning to know myself.

Mind is a link between the body and the nobody which is within you. 

This nobody within that Osho speaks of is what I believe all human beings are yearning for. There are so many ways to access this nobody and the common thread is to turn the senses inward. The paradox of the mind is that it connects a physical body with something deeper. It is the bridge between the physical and non-physical. As these words emerge on the screen, I feel a deep sense of longing within my heart. A longing to use the mind to meet the nobody within.

Many humans seem to be troubled with the minding process and get stuck. Worries and fears emerge about the future and people become engaged in minding. There are so many methods to go beyond. Don’t accept this state of minding is just who you are. Go beyond and know your true nature and then come back to minding and it will automatically transform.

If you gain access to the part you that turns a banana into a human being, you will perform magically.

My friend and teacher Sadhguru comments that whatever we eat is transformed into a human body. If we tap in to the nobody within that houses this intelligence we will begin to live magically. My experience of tampering with the minding process has yielded little. My experience of diving deeply into the beyond is golden. The body is the route to the nobody. Awareness and attention are the keys. Turn them inwards and go beyond. The process of minding will only be transformed in the beyond.

I will follow this longing in my heart. I encourage you to do the same. Our time on this planet is limited. Go beyond and begin to live a magical life. If the minding process is eminent in your life now, don’t accept anything less than finding the nobody within your heart.

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