Deep Curiosity and Love.

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The man pictured above is a very special human being. His name is Russel Williams and I had a realisation last night when listening to the story of his life. His experience of life was unrecognisable following a moment when he lost all sense of himself. ‘He’ no longer existed.

In his early 20’s, Russel Williams began working with horses. He had an inherent love for horses and decided to apply himself fully to the horses. He applied mindfulness in every aspect of his work. He found that as his full attention was given to the horses, his sense of himself gradually atrophied, until at a moment of awakening he no longer had any sense of individuality. This happened after persistently applying his full attention for nearly 3 years. He no longer experienced suffering in life.

While listening to this story, I realised that this is the process I have embarked upon in working with people. I naturally have a deep curiosity about people and have a strong desire to get to the core of their being. I also realise that I fall in love with everyone I work with. You see, in giving my full attention, I lose myself. Even writing about this process has brought an energy into my being. This awareness allows a deep peace to settle in my being and all of the baggage of individuality dissolves.

There lies a great unused richness in us, which we gradually have to dig out and develop. When you get to it, you will be astonished.

As Charlotte Selver points out, I am continually astonished with the richness within, that is found when going beyond the veil of illusion. Part of me always recognised there was something missing in my life. My mind wasn’t capable of grasping this specifically, but I knew there was something.

There is a great unused richness in us all. What happens for you when you apply your full attention on something that you love? And what happens when you do this again and again? When Russel Williams found a deeper level of awareness, he turned the attention back on himself. And was deeply astonished with what he found. Keep giving your full attention wherever you are now. It wakes up an innate intelligence and is the end of suffering.

My own love is working with people. What can be more interesting than human life? I have a deep fascination with how people develop limited ideas about themselves and then believe them as truth. I have a deep curiosity about how these limitations disappear when illuminated by inquiry and deep connection.When the barrier of individuality dissolves, there is a natural love that flows. This love pierces the heart of the illusion and people grow. They develop capacity to create greater lives and crucially become astonished with the richness within.

Give your full attention now. Combine this with giving your heart. Live the greatest life you are capable. Decide what this life will look like. And ultimately, uncover the richness within, because you will be astonished.

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