An Experiment in Awareness and Growth.

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Somehow, I have managed to find myself within an exceptional group of people called the Growth Leaders Network. Being part of this movement to help leaders flower inwardly and out, I felt it was important for me to consider deeply what growth actually means to me. I would like to explore this with you now. And I would also like you to explore this for yourself.

I would like you to experiment with me for a few moments. I invite you to connect deeply with feeling;

Take a few moments and allow your awareness to sink deeply into your body. When you feel deeply connected to your presence, simply gaze gently at my eyes in the image of me when I was 6 and really notice the sensations that arise in your body. Keep your awareness in your body and pay keen attention. Don’t give any attention to any ideas about what you are connecting with. Maintain this connection for a few minutes.

Now shake this sensation off and do the same experiment with the image of this human as a 42 year old. What did you notice? What sense did you get from the different images?

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The physical body that was present as a 6 year old no longer exists. That body has died and yet, there remains a thread of consciousness with me now. When I perform the same experiment, the results are very revealing and not what I expected. You see, in ‘feeling’ existence, life is never what I ‘expect’ because expectation is in the mind. Life reveals itself through feeling in every moment. Life can only be known in feeling.

When connecting with the first image, I feel a deep sense of awareness and heat in my heart. When connecting with the second, there is a feeling of energy in my head. I have ‘grown’ considerably over the years in between and yet my feeling is that the heart was much more open at age 6. My sense is that the heart was the sole guiding organ back then and now this is less clear.

Life has been happening in all the years this body has existed. Growth has happened in many arenas. And at the same time, growth for me now seems to be this journey back into the heart of the 6 year old. This is a magical journey for me and as I write these words, I feel an expansion of the heart space. Every moment is an opportunity to feel the motion back into the heart. The decision to join the Growth Leaders Network was made on the basis of a strong feeling I noticed in the heart when I met the fellow founders.

Life fascinates me. I am deeply curious about your experience with this experiment. I am deeply curious about what growth means to you. I am deeply curious about the impact in the World of a group of exceptional humans setting out to change the vibration of the planet. I am deeply curious about the impact of you choosing growth right now.

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