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There is a lot going on as I sit to write this. There are thoughts running through my mind about what should I write. And then there is awareness of the external world. The room I am sitting in, temperature sounds from the world outside. If I slow down and listen inwardly, I become aware of a richness of feeling within. I am drawn to the heart and simply noticing this changes my experience of now.

I have been interested in nourishing my soul this week. I noticed that upon reading certain words and connecting with people, this flicker of inner awareness was lit. The words have a quality of transmission that take me into the world within. Awareness of this inner being leads to a deep sense of calm and it feels like the soul is being soothed.

Simply mention the word presence and it wakes something up in me. The soul is stirred from its slumber. This is the essence of my being and is the essence of my work. Essence, being, presence and awareness go deeper into the core of being-ness. The words arise from within and lead awareness back from where they came. I can have no knowledge of how the transmission of these words will impact your being. I can only hope they give you the key to the wellspring of joy.

One of the greatest sources of inspiration for me is Osho, the self-proclaimed enlightened mad man who owned 100 Rolls Royce’s. His words about communion resonated strongly deep within my being:

“Communication is of the mind- verbal, intellectual, conceptual. Communion is of no-mind, of deep silence; a transfer of energy, nonverbal; a jump from one heart to another- immediate, without any medium.”

Communion is craved by my soul. Tasting no-mind for a single moment is enough to light the flame of desire for a whole lifetime. Communication can be practiced and mastered by the mind. Communion just is, when everything else falls away. My thoughts drift back to an experience of communion this week. We spoke and shared concepts and at the same time there was a deeper meeting. Somehow, two became one.

These words are flowing from the inner essence. My being is becoming filled with awareness. Every cell is coming to life. The sense of deep silence is the source of the words.

“There is no mind as such, only thinking. The thoughts are moving so fast that between two thoughts you cannot see the interval. But the interval is always there. That interval is you.”

That interval is you. Finding the interval is the beginning. Following the interval deeper to the source is the journey I find myself now. Moments of awakening followed by diving back into sleep. Luckily, the work I do is all about communion. Communication plays its part, but for real change to occur the communion of no-mind is essential. This state of presence is the fertile ground for seeds of the soul.

If you would like to experience this fertile ground and allow the space for your soul to flourish, please get in touch. I invite you to feel this no-mind of communion for a moment and light the fire on your journey home.

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