Human Potential.

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A client recently asked me to write about how elite athletes overcome setbacks. He was surprised to learn that these ‘superhuman’ athletes, to whom he had projected the very best human qualities, were subject to the very same mental limitations as every human I have known. The secret to overcoming setbacks in sport and any walk of life is to go beyond the realm of thought and connect with your deeper essence.

The deeper essence is always with you. It is accessed through feeling here and now. As a writer, my only intention is to help people access this flow state. The interesting thing about presence, is that when you speak about it, it grows. Even now, upon finishing that sentence, there has been a shift into being and I am fully aware. What is your experience now, when you simply allow your being to be?

This inner glow is made of pure consciousness but when we get caught up in the dream of thought, we get cut off from it.

Michael Neill speaks of this ‘inner glow’ in a recent article and suggests that we can be cut off from this when in the dream of thought. This dream of thought can be in many forms. Top athletes can equally find themselves in negative or idealistic self thoughts. And both are a dream cutting off their connection to their deeper essence. The principles of working with elite athletes apply to every human being. Because we are all being human. Every setback that you imagine you experienced is a dream. The key is to wake up. Where are you now, in the dream of thought or the presence that is you?

Writing about and working with presence is the greatest gift for me. I am filled with a sense of pure awareness in my being as I continue to write. There is a deeper sense of watching. Watching whatever will arise next in this stream of consciousness. Whoever I thought I was dissolves and there becomes a pure expression. This happens with athletes. In the flow, they experience freedom from the dream of thought and they are able to observe the moment. The moments in games require full presence. Many players report this is why they play the game.

Whatever walk of life you find yourself now, presence is the key to your life. The senses point outwards to the world. Connect fully with your senses now. What happens when you stay present in your body? Stay with presence and you will find that gradually the ‘setback’ will fade away into the dream that it was. The senses are the vehicle to reach the pure consciousness within. And then allow your unique expression to present itself to the world.

It is often joyful to observe the very best elite athletes in full flow. Our beings are naturally attracted to presence. Being an elite athlete can be an expression of full flow. The same is true of any profession or activity. Presence is palpable and it transcends the jungle of thought. Whatever you are doing, do it fully and keep watching….You see, thought could never comprehend that which you are capable.

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