Escaping the Mayhem of the Mind

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Escaping the mayhem of the mind

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by circling thoughts? If you answered affirmatively, take solace in the fact that this is a facet of the human condition for many. Feel assured that the solution is within your grasp. I am regularly inspired by the shifts my clients make in their lives. Many of whom believed change was impossible.

I would like to share a few of their secrets on their journey out of the mayhem of the mind. Notice how I say “their” secrets and I am quite clear on this. You see, the shifts happen through the coaching relationship. I learn as much as they do from the relationship and probably more. This inspires me. My clients take things from the relationship, apply them to their lives and become unrecognisable. Their shifts inspire me to take leaps on my own journey, in the knowledge that anything is possible.

The starting point of this journey is the body. Getting in touch with your deepest feelings, as they arise in the moment. The whisper of our soul can be felt in the body. Tuning into the soul’s whisper immediately quells turns down the volume of the mind. A managing director of a large company I work with has very quickly tuned into the whisper of the soul and is unrecognisable from a few weeks ago:

“I am much more connected to my feelings, and find it energising to verbalise rather than hold on to the feeling and let it eat away at me.”

He eloquently describes this shift to feeling and the next step of authentic expression in the moment. Authentic expression can be a challenge. I spent a large part of my life communicating from the mind. I was unaware of the deep resource in which I lived. Luckily, like any muscle or process, practice becomes presence. Are you able to tune into your feeling, own it as your experience and be vulnerable enough to express it in the moment?

Another client is an inspirational business leader and through our relationship has changed her desire of being a “Good person” into being “real”. Being “good” is a common pattern developed in early childhood and prevents authentic relating. How can I express that I am aware of anger arising in the moment if my intention is to be “good”? Many leaders are well aware of the inner whisper of the soul and decide not to listen. Not acting on the whispers leads to what Fritz Perls coined as unfinished business and creates mental mayhem.

Every single moment provides a rich source of feeling to the inner being. We are constantly relating and are predominantly unconscious. An authentic coaching relationship shines a torch on the unconscious and brings light to the shadow. It helps us both tune into the wordless voice and escape circling thoughts.

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” Rumi.

Escaping the mayhem of the mind is an ongoing process for us all. Relating authentically and tuning into the inner being will make you a better leader and create fresh possibilities in your life. If you want to tune into the whispers of your soul and grow beyond recognition, let me know.

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