What Do You See In Me Now?

Working with a group this week, I asked the participants to look at me and write down the first words coming into their mind about me. I then asked them to write down feelings, followed by imaginations. I simply walked amongst them without speaking, allowing myself to be taken in. They knew nothing about me prior to this moment. Everyone experienced unique perceptions. There was little congruency. Some connected with calm and spiritual and others felt tense and unnerved. One noticed my ‘nice hair’ and another the fact that I must be confident due to the trousers I was wearing (they are red). I love working with groups and awareness is really heightened with the intention of presence.

All of their experiences of ‘me’ in that moment felt so real to each of them. They all perceived parts of ‘me’ through the veils of their individual filters. They connected with fragments of me. The aspects they connected with spoke more about their own inner worlds than the ‘reality’ of the object. The purpose of the day was to open up the fields of perception to see the world in a fresh way. Could we come any closer to experiencing truth and what does this look like?

Two familiar adversaries of self-remembering are imagination and identification. They will haunt one throughout one’s life and occupy the space that should be reserved for one’s self.

Most of the perceptions came through the mind. The mind is limited and mechanical in its perceptions. It is impregnated with memories of the past in a haze of imagination. If imagination and identification ‘haunt one’ throughout one’s life, how can we step away from the mind into self-remembering? We began to tune into different aspects of the environment. Tuning in through pure awareness of the body.

You have to find the environment more interesting than imagination.

I am now sitting on a plane. I am aware of the cabin around me and it appears very real. I begin to wonder how much of the environment is being missed. I become deeply engaged and curious with exactly what is right now. A curious thing happens. Different aspects of the cabin begin to arise and the picture becomes more complete. At the same time, awareness is drawn within. An awareness of energy in the heart arises and the whole experience is transformed. The sense of ‘I’ is abandoned and there seems to be a presence in the whole cabin, with a deep sense of peace rippling throughout. It is a thoughtless place of no-mind.

Although the subject of identification varies, one’s machine persistently reasons that if certain problems were resolved, one’s friction would be eliminated. One cannot evolve however, without transforming friction.

You may contest that it is easy to step into different dimensions of awareness while sitting on a plane. You may wonder if this is possible in the heart of friction. Which problems do you believe need to be resolved before you can gain access to a life without friction? Pause now. Ask yourself the question…..

We can only evolve by transforming friction. Our natural tendency is to step back from friction. Friction is only ever transformed through awareness. Being fully with the particular flavour of friction in the very moment. Becoming deeply curious about it and embracing all of its facets. Just as my experience sitting here has been transformed through awareness, our own perception of friction will do the same. Friction has to become more interesting than imagination.

When asked to connect with imagination, interestingly, one member of the group had the following experience. She initially saw a country. This gradually narrowed itself into a city and finally, all she was aware of were strong images of the streets of New York. It was unmistakably New York and yet she doubted its relevance. It seemed random and she had no idea where the striking image came from. As you might have guessed by now, this post has been written en route to New York, a mere 12 hours after the workshop. Seems that she was in touch with some greater information than the individual mind.

Are you happy with the experience of fragments or do you want the whole? The whole Universe is available to us all…… Go beyond imagination and identity. What could be more interesting than this pulsating life right now?

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With Love




Quotes taken from: Self-Remembering, by Robert Earl Burton.



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