The Only Guru You Will Ever Need

I began visiting a novice monk nearly 30 years ago in search of answers. I was dissatisfied with the life and suffering I saw around me. The Buddha speaks at length about life being suffering and he gave us a route out. I projected wisdom onto this novice monk. His orange robes and the nature of his discourse ensured this was the case. We learnt breathing techniques and my monkey mind struggled to stay with the breath for a few moments. The young monk did nothing to encourage this projection and yet it seemed so natural for me to see the wisdom outside of myself. The guru within remained untapped.

It was only fairly recently when I experienced an explosion of life within that I realised the futility of this search. This explosion happened through grace and the flame was lit without a guru. The light unlocked a door to the universe and access was only granted when all projection ceased. The search for answers outside of what I formerly knew as ‘myself’ had ended and the flow of inner life began. The realisation ensued that the only guru I ever needed was within all along. Giving this power to external teachers was a mistake.

In the Tibetan tradition they clearly state that the teacher has nothing more than the student.

The wisdom exists already. We are born with it. We die with it.

My search for this wisdom over the years was always focussed on a teacher. The teacher had many guises and the majority attempted to minimise this projection. I was the one doing the projection. I had read many times that the whole universe is within and yet somehow, I didn’t know how to look. A friend told me last week that he doesn’t even know what it means to go within. Indeed, I shared his feeling until the mysterious gate opened.

The man above is Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. He was a Tibetan refugee who died aged 47 of alcoholism. His mission in life was to create an enlightened society. His legacy continues to grow to this day and includes a multitude of schools worldwide. He was rarely seen without a cigarette and he slept with many of his students, despite taking a monastic vow of celibacy. I watched a film about this man last night and I cried. Something within resonated with his essence and his presence opened up the inner gate. Despite his apparent human failings, he touched my heart. These words of his touched me;

If you just put your hand through your ribcage and feel your heart, there is tenderness. It feels sore and soft. And it hurts. And you want to spill your heart and relate to others. That type of tenderness does bring a notion of fearlessness that you have possibilities that the world around you can tickle your heart. Your raw heart.

The words of this soul resonate with the wisdom within me. The wisdom that is within us all and always has been. There is a difference now though. His wisdom turns me towards the flame within, not an outward projection of admiration for this monk turned rock star.

I work with a number of incredible people. They have achieved great things on this physical plane and yet, in times of strife, they will often come armed with the question- What should I do now? A coach will never answer this question directly. The work of a coach is to help the client to see the situation differently and allow their own inner wisdom to create a new solution. We are all born with this wisdom. Sometimes we forget and the job of a coach is to make contact with the only guru you will ever need. The guru within.

We were all born with this guru and it is our birthright. We seem to have reached a pivotal time in our society and the appetite for the keys to the universe has grown. We have tasted every material wealth and the suffering remains. If this world tickles your heart and you seek this Universe within, continue the search. There are no greater riches. If you seek without and project onto the great teachers we have in our midst, stop! Turn this force inwards. Set your own heart on fire and awaken the real guru from its slumber. The guru within. Go within.


With Love



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