The Only Coach There Ever Was.

The only teacher you will ever need is within you right now. We all have a sense that there is something beyond and this is what we seek. The paradox of life is that the thing seeking peace is the ultimate veil. I work as a coach to help people tap into the ultimate potential within. Another paradox; how can I work as a “business coach” when the only teacher you will ever need is within? The power of coaching is the possibility of moving beyond the conceptual mind and into the deep ocean within. Giving people the tools to access this power is the ultimate gift. I get this wrong sometimes and I perpetuate the notion that we need to look outside for an answer.

Last night I lead a group coaching session and the intention was to be fully present in the body and to encourage the whole group to have the same intention. These groups are very nourishing for me and also the group members and yet there has been some resistance to lead them lately. The result of this combined intention is to jump out of the conceptual mind. This can be quite a shock to the system. Ultimately, the experience is rich and goes beyond the “I”. The group is lead by an energy. The same energy that facilitates any significant change in “business coaching”. It goes beyond our patterns and spontaneity is truly possible. This leaves me wondering if the resistance is fear for its own existence from the “I”. There is no need any longer for the “I”. The very same “I” that has spent this lifetime and beyond searching for its liberation.

As Reggie Ray points out below, unplugging our thinking minds is the work at hand. The same very thinking mind that desires freedom in the first place…

We have unplugged our thinking mind for the moment, and then we are there, just in our body, with what is occurring there. We experience the emotions and feelings with no sense of pressure to do anything about them. Of course, when we do this, our conceptual mind is always hovering in the background, our fear tempting us to do something. Frequently, we exit into thinking. So then the practice is to just keep coming back to the body, and feeling what we are feeling.

Anything is possible when we live fully in the presence of the body. There is no controller of experience to ensure we feel safe and secure. The same controller of experience that desires to go beyond. The practice of keep coming back to the body is beyond simple and is easy for the “I” to dismiss.

The group was deeply nourishing for me last night. Two hours of rich embodied presence beyond the limits of the conceptual mind. There was a deep sense of coming home and boundlessness. There was a deep feeling that this is my gift to myself and others. And then the mind jumps back in…

Many people were deeply touched by the group and one person left the group immediately. The “I” tries to have a field day with this and I have to keep coming back to the practice of simply coming back to the body. This is a natural process of the ego. When boundlessness is experienced, the ego wants to have its life back and will shout for attention. There is a deep sense of peace remaining in the body following the group and being with this is deeply soothing as I sit here right now.

Something tells me that this play of the boundless and the conceptual mind will continue to abound. Courage is required to remain steadfast in my intention to go beyond and keep coming back to the body. Courage is required to be authentic about where I am not facilitating an inner shift for my clients. Are they accessing the great unlimited power within or seeking on the outside? The body is the only gateway to the boundless. Yet another paradox that the seemingly limited body is the gateway to boundlessness.

Life continues to nudge me towards the boundless. This has been the ultimate desire my whole life. Only now, when the boundless has been tasted, does the fear of losing the seeker himself manifest. Life continues to offer the seeker opportunities to go beyond. Every client that I have the pleasure to work with. Every group that offers the invitation to dive into the deep peace we all seek.

There is nothing to do to become whole. Being whole is our authentic state- one that knows no change.

Join me on this journey to wholeness and tap in to the only teacher you will ever need. The teacher within. Beyond the veil of the business coach.


With Love,



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