The Most Complex Machine on the Planet.

Science tells us that the brain processes between 200 million and 400 trillion bits of information every second. We are actually aware of around 2,000. This means that at best estimate, we are aware of 0.00001% of whats going on at any moment. Add to this that many of us spend a lot of time hanging out in thought, then we actually perceive a slither of reality. And yet, we are so convinced that the illusion we perceive is real.

The next interesting factor here is that our beliefs and past experience influence the 0.00001% we perceive. You see, the human brain is more complex than an exploding star and is also influenced by the mind. Have you ever woken up on “the wrong side of the bed” and the whole world has seemed dark or irritating? Our outer experience of the world is based upon our inner state and not the other way round. Every belief we have is conditioned. Many of which, we are not even aware of and were “gifted” to us by parents, our culture and early childhood experiences. None of these beliefs can possibly be true, because they are not only from the past, but also based upon the 0.0001%.

The question arises, how can we break free of this illusion and come closer to the 200 million per second awareness of reality? This is the process of spiritual realisation and indeed personal growth of any form. Can we expand our range of perception and tune into the reality that is happening right now? A great deal of the information being processed in the brain is sensory in nature. Our senses are always switched “on” and intaking our external environment. The problem is that our awareness is consumed with the illusion of thought. The perceptions are below the scope of conscious awareness.

My last video centred upon single pointed focus to go within and beyond the illusion. Join me for this practice where the awareness is open. When we engage fully with the senses in this way, the journey inwards mysteriously opens up. This is another key to the gateway of enhanced perception and joy. This can be known in any situation. The word “presence” itself acts as a conduit of consciousness for me. Simply hearing the word naturally evokes my interest and there is a natural deepening of perception. Keep knocking at the doors of perception and the whole universe is available.

I have committed to creating a video every day and will only use a single take with no editing. The video experiment has already taken me beyond several phoney beliefs that were holding “me” back. Which phoney beliefs are holding you back now? We all have a unique voice and sharing this is our greatest gift.



With Love




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