Self Confidence and Human Growth.

Self Confidence and Human Growth.

Self-confidence and human growth are topics close to my heart.The root of the word confidence is “con” and any sense of self-confidence we enjoy is a lie. I am curious about the human need to connect with this self-deceipt and how confidence dances with authenticity. Working with a number of clients this week, this balance between confidence and authenticity has been at play. People seem to be hungry for confidence and yet fully being with whatever arises is the real state of freedom. Are you able to fully be with physical feelings of discomfort and embrace them without the desire to change? Or would you prefer to lie to yourself in an effort to live with comfort?


Confidence; the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone (oneself) or something.


Belief is an idea about something that is unknown. Any belief that you have is untrue. Do you believe in God? Many people have an opinion on this and whatever your belief is untrue. Do you believe in breathing? No one in his or her right mind believes in breath because it is known deeply in our experience. Our beliefs are based purely on what is unknown to us. Therefore, any belief that we have about what may or may not happen in the future is false and is fragile ground in which to place our life.


Confide; entrust something to someone in order for them to look after it.


Imagine that you want to confide in the Universe the deepest secrets of your heart and entrust the Universe to look after it. This is effectively what we are doing with the feelings that we habitually access. The Universal language of our nervous system is feeling and any feeling that we repeatedly become aware of will manifest in our experience. Feeling is on a deeper level than belief/thought and can be an effective tool to bring about action. And at the same time, we are working with the waves on the ocean rather than the depths of our awareness.


Con; persuade someone to do or believe something by lying to them.


Ultimately, basing our life in self-deceit is a perilous game. It is only when we truly connect with the depths of our ocean that we have a firm foundation in life. Imagine that thoughts are the very surface waves on the ocean and feelings are slightly deeper currents, then pure present moment awareness is the deepest heart of the sea. Presence is the only tool leading to our transformation and ultimate liberation. Authenticity is opposed to confidence because there is no persuasion away from whatever is present here and now. Any deviation from this presence leads us to the surface waves.


The reality of existence is that we have no knowledge of what will transpire in the very next moment. To have confidence that we will survive until our next breath is a lie. Presence is a living process at the very heart of existence. Tuning into this changeless presence takes us beyond any of the surface waves of confidence and belief.


Confide in your soul your deepest desire to come home and avail the depths of the deepest ocean. Authentic presence is the master key to this wellspring of joy. Tap into the ultimate resource and renounce the need for self-deceit. Feeling is the aspect of existence that will allow the reservoir of life to open. Tap into the greatest of all resources right now. And go beyond…


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