See Beyond the Labels of Life.

I want you to promise me one thing… If the words that you read here do not bring greater presence and awareness into your being right now, please discard them and read something else that connects you to this presence.

I am really curious about the power of different configurations of letters to expand and contract our awareness. When certain words register in my consciousness, they impact my whole being and dissolve the “I” into the sea of presence. Simply reading the word “presence” changes my state and takes my awareness out of the chatter of the mind.

Language equally has the power to imprison life and contract the awareness and limit our experience to concepts. When we name an object the brain is happy. The brain no longer needs to devote any energy to this exploratory process. We can simply label the object and the brain feels safe in the knowledge that we are in control of our environment. The problem is that we fall asleep. We fall asleep to the ever changing process of life. Nothing in life is static and our naming prevents the awareness of beyond.

Allowing these letters to arrive on this keyboard through these fingers has allowed any sense of “I” to dissolve. Awareness has dived deep into existence. What is happening in your experience NOW, when these letters hit your retina and experience is triggered in your being? Are you going deeper into thought or deeper into awareness? If the answer is thought, then please stop reading and feed your mind with something else. What we feed our minds with is paramount to reaching our full human potential.

When we fully engage with the present moment a sense of complete calm permeates through our being. When this sense of calm deepens, a sense of deep joy arises. Peace of mind and joy are our birthright. What else could a human being wish for? Whatever happens in the external drama of life, we remain deeply peaceful and connected. I have met millionaires, billionaires and people with all the riches of life. And without this internal state, the heart never rests, because it knows this is our birthright.

Don’t stop until you have realised this state. Fill your mind with words that take you deeper into presence….. And go beyond the very world itself.

I hope you enjoy my latest video and again, notice the impact on your awareness.


With Love,



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