Philanthropy of the Heart.

Walking through York this weekend, my 8-year-old daughter Beatrice was captivated by a homeless person with ‘puppy dog eyes’. I didn’t have any cash but she was determined to find him the next day and ‘make his life better’. The next morning in the excitement of having free reign in a famous old sweet shop, she spent all of her pocket money. Minutes later, I noticed tears streaming from her eyes as we walked. She realised her error and remembered the plight of the homeless man. She felt a deep pain in her heart and was inconsolable. Her spontaneous empathy for another human being moved me greatly. Her heart is completely open and hasn’t been influenced by the veil of illusion. Her generosity of spirit moved me to open my own heart to this stranger without a home.

Days earlier, I spent some time in Africa with the most famous African footballer of this generation, Samuel Eto’o. I spent 6 months working with Samuel a few years ago and his eyes lit up when he saw me across a crowded room. Watching him in Africa, where he has god like status and is followed by thousands of people wherever he goes was incredible. Checking into our hotel, he had been given the presidential suite and he attempted to move me into that suite, so he could have a more modest room. His heart is wide open and he has time and love for everyone that comes his way. His generosity of spirit and the way he effortlessly gives himself to the people who adore him also moved and inspired me greatly.

Seeing the spontaneous expression of the human spirit in these ways has lead me to inquire how I can give myself more fully to the world? How can I be more fully available to the Universe in whatever form it presents itself? Asking these questions takes me deeply into the heart. I feel an uprising of energy emanating from the heart and spreading throughout my being.

Listening is the word that arises when contemplating giving myself more fully. In fact, listening seems to be the key to giving my self away completely. There are two aspects to this listening; listening with full attention to the situation and beings in you are relating with, and listening with full attention to the body and beyond.

Giving attention outwards into the world is listening with every cell of your being to the person or situation you are in contact with. Within a conversation are you able to suspend all thoughts and desires to express your own opinion, and listen to the other with every cell of your being? What do the words you are hearing do to your full system? How do they impact your body and energy field and what happens to the other when this presence is available? This is the greatest service you can give a fellow human being. Every sense organ is a unique version of listening and all work through vibration. Energy vibrating at different frequencies impacts our being and simply tuning into these vibrations with awareness changes the frequency.

Giving attention inwards is the other aspect of listening and equally important in this path of evolution. Listening inwardly begins with training the awareness to feel the body more fully. This feeling then turns in on itself an begins to penetrate the deeper aspects of our consciousness. This consciousness naturally follows the inward path and drops many of our previous identities. Direct experience shows us that the identity is an illusion and it is this identity that prevents the spontaneous flow of love to our fellow humans.

The thing about this love, is that is does not discriminate. The love is fully available to every human being. Thank you Beatrice and Samuel for shining your light so bright and illuminating this path of the heart for me. I would also like to ask you all to give yourself fully in both directions and experience our true nature. This is our birthright and a joy beyond anything created in mind.


With Love,




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