Looking for Bliss Without Eyes

Sitting on the tube this week, I became curious about the nature of the way I was ‘seeing’ the world. My eye was drawn to specific colours, movements and people. I became aware that the mind was following the eye. I was looking for something to focus and the mind orchestrated this process in a mechanical way. I was simply seeing my own habitual view of the world. The mind wanted to label each small detail the eye honed in on. The eye darted from target to target without respite. And the mind followed. The eye and the mind played with the diversity of light and dark. I was looking for bliss in the wrong direction.

Every human being has a yearning for bliss and the return to essence. We may seek it in different ways, yet ultimately the destination is the same. Are you looking for bliss right now? We will never rest until we find this inner bliss. I realised in that moment that this bliss could not be realised with the mind darting about from this to that and began an experiment in seeing. The words of Sadhguru were ringing in my experimental ears..

The problem is you have already defined what you are looking for. It is not the object of your search that is important; it is the faculty of looking. The ability to simply look without motive is missing in the world today.

I sat in the overcrowded tube and simply allowed the sense of seeing to soften. I consciously chose to just allow the eyes to see naturally, without any orchestration of the mind. Try this now, as you sit allowing the letters to come into sight, along with the whole range of sight open to the eye. Notice what happens in your being… As I sat on the tube, I noticed a deep calm begin to enter my being. The eyes were completely still and the mind followed. And there was no labelling in the mind. Just pure seeing. The longer this was maintained, the deeper the peace permeated my being. I was looking without motive and the impact was profound. I was no longer enslaved to external situations…

So, as long as your inner life is enslaved to external situations, it will remain a precarious condition.You just need to see that the source and basis of your experience is within you.

The next aspect of my experiment was to look for where the source of the seeing actually occurred. As you read this combination of letters on the screen, where are you “seeing” the content? As I am sure you know through the mechanical mind, the image is seen within the eye, not on the screen where it seems. It is actually a vibration discriminating between light and dark. Every sense organ perceives vibration. And it is all perceived within. The whole Universe is perceived within. What are we other than the very vibration itself?

What happens if you keep the eyes completely still, softening your gaze and ask in feeling where you see the world? Do it now. Feel the answer. I got a very distinct answer when I asked this question on the tube.

Make it your purpose to find your essence. Bliss is our birthright. Its time to reclaim our birthright and slay suffering with the piercing sword of presence. Cease to be enslaved by external situations and follow presence within. The gateway to the inner universe is our physical awareness in the present moment. Tune in to this presence right now and follow it deeper and deeper. If our whole experience of life happens within, we need to penetrate the greatest illusion there is and find the way home.

I hope you enjoy my video this week, where I explore our way of seeing and the journey inwards…




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