Inside Out Revolution.

Every word that we utter influences our own state and the whole Universe. Indeed, every subtle word that we utter within the confines of our own mind influences both our own state and the whole Universe. Barbara Fredrickson has developed some very interesting research in the area of how the words we say influence our lives. The research began looking at married couples. It was found that if there was a ratio of 1:1 positive to negative comments, gestures or behaviours within a marriage, then it was certain to end in divorce. If the ratio was around 5:1, then the marriage would continue to flourish.

Fredrickson further developed the research and looked at the number of positive and negative things we say to ourselves in the mind. The same ratios held true. 1:1 lead to clinical depression and above 3:1 ensured psychological wellbeing. The science behind our bias towards negativity in the brain sheds light on the human condition and harks back to our caveman times. We have a physiological bias towards the negative in the brain and we have this to thank for our continuation as a race. Look at this in terms of carrot and stick. Carrot is we get to feed ourselves and stick is we get eaten by a lion in our cave. The stick is of much higher importance than the carrot because we need it to survive.

How can we utilise this research to live more fulfilling and productive lives? Firstly, become more aware of the negativity bias at play. We no longer have to survive the lion, so the brains strategy is outdated. Secondly, actively behave and speak with more love to in our relationships. And finally, begin to transform our inner dialogues. You see, every word, subtle or gross is vibration. We and the whole Universe are also vibration. We become the words we generate.

Join me in this video where I describe the negativity bias in more detail and explore the vibration of sound in this tuning fork we inhabit called the body.

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