Leave the Mind in the Darkness of the Valleys

I have experienced a great deal of confusion in this rich tapestry of life. Early on, I was aware of the need for something greater. The hollow nature of ephemeral moments left me cold and the desire to go beyond fertilised within. This desire manifested in the instrument we like to call mind. The “ego” was not satisfied with fleeting times of success and failure. It wanted to experience something untouched by the sands of time. There was a flicker of something deeper down gently tugging to know the beyond. And this seeker had no clue what is was seeking.


Mind is never peaceful; no-mind is peace. Mind itself can never be peaceful, silent. The very nature of the mind is to be tense, to be in confusion.    Osho


I was seeking no-mind and I was using the mind to seek it. Avidly reading books and travelling the world in search of teachers pedalling the latest method of self-realisation. There was a yearning for deep silence and yet I had never experienced it. The flame of recognition that this was possible flickered dimly within. Each method had its promise of redemption and yet nothing happened.


When all identity with the mind is dropped, when you are a watcher on the hills and the mind is left deep down in the darkness of the valleys, when you are on the sunlit peaks, just a pure witness, seeing, watching, but not getting identified with anything- good or bad, sinner or saint, this or that- in that witnessing all questions dissolve.   Osho


Becoming a watcher on the hills is the greatest human accomplishment. Leaving the mind deep down in the darkness of the valleys is a tricky task, to say the least. There are many pitfalls in the valley. The mind always exists and mind is never peaceful. Experience of deep and everlasting peace triggers the mind to come back into the game. Fear arises.. I can’t live without mind..


I have planned a trip to the Himalayas in solitude and silence and a colleague asked me why I feel the need to do this. It seems a selfish act to the mind to leave my responsibilities and surely if pure existence is possible, there is no need to change location to know it? My only answer is that the flame of awareness deep in the heart is lighting this path. Just as the seeker new nothing of what it sought, I know not what the deep void within has in store. Opening the inner doors of perception feel like the greatest possible act for mankind. We have incredible technological innovations and our society is more advanced than ever before and yet, the experience of everlasting peace is more evasive than ever. Are you aware of this inner seeker right now? Feel sure that the pure witness is within your grasp right in this moment. Follow the inner flame of awareness.


The mind melts, evaporates. You are left as a pure being, just a pure existence- a breathing, a beating of the heart, utterly in the moment, no past, no future, hence no present either.   Osho


Every human being begins life as a seeker. We seek the deep and everlasting peace residing deep in the heart. Only when mind evaporates is this fully known. Follow the inner seeker and kiss the awareness of pure bliss. Its a journey unlike any other and is available to us all. Utterly in the moment of pure existence. The words come from mind and the hope is to take us all beyond mind for a moment. A complete and boundless moment.


If all else fails, come and join me in the Himalayas….

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