Feeling Your Way Home.

The present moment is all there is. Here and now is the only possibility. The only possibility to truly recognize the perfection of life. The present moment is here now. Our bodies live in the bliss of the present moment. And our minds dart about into the future and past. Coaching is the possibility of creating a space to allow the fullness of the present moment. This space is created by presence. The beauty lies in the necessity of presence in the coach and the potency of this force to allow another access to the inner realm.


By agreeing to consciously enter into our physical body, we make accessible to ourselves the awareness of why we are addicted to habitually fleeing from this moment.


The human condition is addicted to habitually fleeing from this moment. Which habits do you employ habitually to escape from the present moment? Coaching is the possibility of uncovering vibrational patterns by entering our physical bodies. Bringing the patterns of habitually fleeing from the moment to the surface and staying with the body. Nobody else has the capacity to take this step for us. The body is a resonating chamber and in presence there are no boundaries.


When we live our lives, the body itself is a completely non-judgmental receiver of experience. There are no boundaries in the body. The body is open and porous; it is sensitive and vulnerable; it is already in interconnection with everything in the universe.


Our bodies are already in interconnection with everything in the universe. In a transformational coaching relationship there is no coach. The only coach is presence itself. The only measure of success in a coaching session is the possibility of greater presence. The only measure of the words arranged on this page is their ability to allow you to uncover deep vibrational patterns through feeling. Feeling is the tool to begin this journey inwards. Connect with this potent force now and follow.


It is only by grounding our awareness in the living sensation of our bodies that the ‘I Am,’ our real presence, can awaken.


A coach will never take this step for you. Presence has the capacity to light a spark in your own heart and feeling has the capacity to follow this spark all the way home. I encounter suffering in every aspect of life I observe. Success beyond any measure in the physical world will not satiate our innate desire for deep peace and happiness. Connect with feeling right now. How deeply are you aware of the body sitting there? How does each letter of each word on this screen impact this presence? You are connected with the whole universe in this moment. Tune into the living sensation of the body right now and experience the majesty of the universe.


With Love,


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