Sitting here, waiting for the words to arise, I feel a deep longing in my heart for connection. I feel a deep inner pull of the heart and an energy in the hands, ready to spring into action. The hands are the architects of connection in this dimension. Jumping about merrily on the keyboard creating melodies of letters in an attempt to create a response in your body. Each letter will create a response in the trillions of cells sitting looking at this screen. Each of your cells is highly sensitive and tuning into this will set you free from the boundaries created in the mind.

The many trillion cells sitting here crafting these letters into a state of coherence readying a response in the trillion cells sat the other side of the abyss are composed of five simple elements. The whole Universe is created of the very same elements. And still the mind creates such compelling boundaries creating conflict with the very Universe of which we are born. Elements don’t respect your self imposed boundaries. Tune into these elements now as they flow freely through these porous avenues of exchange. Deeply feel the breath as it enters the body, and as an exhale is expelled. Feel the breath become body and the body become breath as the elements mingle. Tuning into these imaginary boundaries creates expansion, as they are eroded.

The moment you define yourself, using a boundary as a basis, in some way you become in conflict with the rest of creation.

Speaking of the conflict created through the definition through boundaries, Sadhguru advises to obliterate every boundary you are aware of. He explains that we create such boundaries for our psychological comfort. This psychological comfort is our ultimate imprisonment. Every identification and label that we have created serves as our captor. When we begin to feel the elemental dance in our very atoms, inside and outside become mere notions. Where is the inside of your being now and where is the outside? Can this be truly known or is it an illusion?

Each and every cell in the Universe has a life force and is craving connection. Each of the trillions of cells within our flux is highly sensitive and responds to every atom of dust in our path. Reggie Ray speaks about when we go into the grocery store and we walk through an aisle of apples. Our cells respond to every single apple. Our cells are constantly receiving information and when awareness sinks down into the cells the whole Universe is in our grasp.

We will find ourselves in a completely natural, effortless and irresistible way responding to each atom of dust in the Universe with perfect appropriateness and that is love.

Many years ago, I was present at a spiritual talk and the teacher spoke at length about love. I asked him what is love? I no longer remember his response. However, love is not known in the mind. Love can only be known in the cells. Our awareness drops deeply into the cells of being and love manifests. The yearning for connection of every cell is an expression of love. What happens in the cells you call body now when you ‘feel’ the word love? Closing my eyes and feeling whatever response in relation to this conglomeration of letters, LOVE, a pulsating feeling of depth is experienced in the centre of the chest. This feeling expands and the boundaries of normal awareness dissolve in this presence…

When we respond to each atom of dust in the Universe in this way, we become boundless and this elemental magic sets us free. Have fun obliterating your boundaries and tapping into the eternal bliss of the beyond. Realising there is no inside or out and that the connection each cell craves is within our grasp. Feeling deeply the reality here and now is the key to liberation and available to us all.


With Love,







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