Electrify and Enliven Your Own Heart.

I was working with a client yesterday and they felt “stuck” in life. This came across in their energy and the body movements and gestures. She was clearly finding this extremely frustrating and debilitating. And then all of a sudden, her energy began to jump out of the seat when she spoke about music. It was as if her body was playing a very soulful tune and it was clear to me that he heart was electrified around music.

Every human being on the planet has a unique voice and story to tell. The life that electrifies their heart is also unique. We can get stuck in the ‘should’s’ of our society and our heart purpose can become muffled. To know the voice of our heart we need to begin to listen. We listen to the heart through the body and feeling. Awareness drops down from the mechanical thinking mind and into pure presence. It is never too late to follow the voice of our soul through the heart. Colonel Sanders began cooking chicken in his kitchen aged 40 and sold his first franchise aged 65. Kentucky Fried Chicken is now pretty well known.

An individual needs to find what electrifies and enlivens his own heart and wakes him.

Every moment we have on this planet is precious and we never know when our last moment of breath may be. My sense is that most people already know what electrifies their heart. The tricky part is to follow this inner whisper. Joseph Campbell says that when you follow your bliss, the Universe begins to open doors and guide us through the path. Courage is often required to break free of our social conditioning.

Just keeping the original true mind is the supreme practice.

What electrifies my own heart and always has done is the journey from the seen to the un-seen. From the physical to the beyond. True mind is the awareness that is free from conditioning of the mechanical mind. True mind is the spontaneous response of this body to the environment with full engagement of the senses. This journey has always been close to my heart.

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