Diving Deep Beyond the Gramophone to Bliss.

There are 3 primary aspects of life available to us for development. The body, our craft and the mind. Observing many of the high performing clients that I have the pleasure to work with, it is apparent that the mind receives the least attention. In fact, many people from all walks of life don’t even know how to approach “work” on the mind. The mind determines much of life as we know it. The brain seeks safety in repetition of patterns. It’s cells fire together to make the patterns develop quickly. And yet, however much success we enjoy in the facade of life, without diving deep beyond the mind, we remain unfulfilled.

Life is unknown, unpredictable, and your mind is very narrow: it wants to live in the known, in the predictable. It moves in particular grooves, known grooves. It goes on moving, moving, just like a gramophone record. It is afraid to move into the unknown.

The brain is wired to create the automatic gramophone existence of life. The present moment is eternally unknown. The mind resists the abyss of the unknown because safety has to be renounced. How can we actually work on the mind without creating new grooves in the gramophone? Where is the gateway to the present moment and the door to the unknown? The answer is so simple, that it eluded me for most of this life. It was so simple that it could only be known through direct experience.

Working directly with the patterns of the mind can have some short term benefits. Changing deeply held erroneous beliefs can alter the way the world is perceived. Every belief we hold is actually erroneous. Each and every belief is a groove on the gramophone that takes our awareness away from the present. The present is unknown and belief is in the realms of the known. Focus is the key. Changing the focus from the noise of the mind to the silent voice of presence in the body. Allowing the awareness to seep down into the pure presence of the moment and into the unknown.

It is a very silent music, your presence. And you are so much filled with noise, and every type of noise is occupying you, that you cannot hear that still, small voice within.

People create incredible lives through the mind and are capable of many great feats. Worldly success often equates to even greater noise. The demands of modern life also serve to magnify this noise. Don’t attempt to turn of the noise, or even change the channel. The work is too shift focus into presence. Tune into the small voice of silence within and gradually, moment by moment, our whole consciousness begins to shift. Without this shift, a disease always remains in our being. The voice of silence is sounded out by the noise and this creates a dissonance. This dissonance is felt deeply in our souls.

Contact with the still small voice within creates a grounding in life. This seed of awareness begins to develop and a tipping point creates the ultimate shift. The shift to the unknown opens mysterious channels within the body that create a whole new level of experience. A deep relaxation pervades the being and the noise of the mind fades into the past.

Take small steps every day into awareness of the presence. The deep voice of silence within. Moment by moment the noise of the mind quietens and life begins to flower. The deep wellspring of awareness lies latent within this magical body of ours. Focus is the master key. Train focus above all else and turn this focus within.

Quotes from “The Book of Secrets” by Osho.

With Presence,




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