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What actually happens in a coaching session and does it really have the potential to transform life? Business coaching, life coaching, mindfulness teaching are all words describing the process of diving deeply into your life process with a coach. A World Cup winning footballer shared with me this week that his life changed when he engaged with a coach in his early 20’s. He didn’t need help with kicking a ball or tactical awareness, he described needing perspective on how he saw life itself. This insight he gained through the coaching relationship opened up his awareness of different aspects of his being.

Awareness is the only tool required for authentic transformation of any aspect of our experience.

The coaching relationship will lead you to greater awareness of a specific aspect of your life. As human beings, we wear blinkers and fixed patterns can become quickly established. These patterns become established because the brain constantly seeks safety and comfort. The illusion that we have control and things are fixed staves off anxiety for a while. A coach will use the power of awareness to allow you to tune in to the flow of the present moment. This may not be a comfortable ride because many of our illusions will be shattered.

Awareness can only be applied in the present moment. Our physical body is always present. The senses are always alert to the outside world and for awareness to liberate our fixed patterns we have to tune into the senses and flex our present moment awareness muscle. A coaching session will give you the tools required to tune into the moment. For deep and lasting change to occur there needs to be awareness at the vibrational level of our consciousness. What do I mean by vibrational level of consciousness?

If you close your eyes now and simply become aware of whats going on in your body now… You may become aware of a subtle vibration in the body… pay attention to the hands especially and see what you notice… In the early years of life, we have vibrational patterns established in our nervous system. The only way to circumvent these patterns is through full awareness. The patterns will arise again and again until full awareness prevails. You have probably noticed the same patterns of obstacles arising in your life? These are attracted through our early vibrational patterning. A coach will develop your capacity to notice these patterns in your life and open up your awareness.

You might be curious about how vibrational patterns might relate to business coaching or athlete coaching? These vibrational patterns influence every aspect of life. We are human beings and wherever we find ourselves, our patterns will be active. It is only through deep awareness at this level that real shifts in life happen. Toying with the surface waves of the mind may help in certain aspects but for ultimate transformation we need awareness to go deeper.

Joy is the state that arises when we allow ourselves to experience everything as it unfolds, without judgement. It arises when we are being- without condition.

Ultimately, our human birthright is to experience joy. Joy here is described as the state when we are fully being. By refining awareness and flexing the present moment awareness muscle, we gradually find a state of joy arising. This is a gradual and gentle process and a process that needs to be cultivated. When this state arises, everything on the surface has less urgency and appeal. Whatever flavour of life we find ourselves becomes sweeter and we simply flourish beyond recognition. So, whatever your situation in life and call is business coaching, life coaching or beyond, I encourage you to join the World Cup winner and examine your life now. Allow awareness to set your life on fire and discover our birthright.

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Quotes from: Michael Brown, The Presence Process.






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