Are You Expanding or Contracting?

Life is in a constant state of flux. Seasons come and go as does each moment of time. Each aspect of life has its own cycle including this body that we are borrowing from the Universe. Our range of expression is also subject to this cycle and is underpinned by the beliefs we hold about who we are. We are either expanding or contracting in any moment. Staying still is not an option.

Every single belief we have about life and ourselves is not true. Belief is based in the mind and knowledge is based in being. Some of the beliefs we hold about the world and ourselves are enabling and others are disabling. Both are equally untrue and yet it is worth focussing on the disabling. One of the many joys of life in my experience is diversity of experience. My desire is to experience every facet of this wonderful life we inhabit. This desire is at the heart of my experiment to create a video every day.

I can’t quite put my finger exactly on the moment when I decided that I have nothing important to say, although I have been aware of it for a very long time. Despite its lack of truth, like an old and loyal friend, it has remained in my mind and feels real enough. Until recently, I was adept at avoiding situations where the belief would be exposed and the whole world would know that I have nothing important to say. I would seek confirmation of the truth of this statement actively to prove I was correct. I was shrinking in this aspect of life.

This video experiment is slowly and surely annihilating any remnants of this old belief pattern and the movement is now of expansion. I am tasting elements of experience that were once unavailable. Despite remnants of this belief remaining, action was still available to me. Action is the key.

What area of your life feels most contracted right now? Can you expose this pattern as the fraud it is and begin to take actions to annihilation? Please join me on this journey and let me know the results.

Beyond all expansion and contraction lies being. This being is found on an inward journey and is the map towards our birthright. According to many mystics, our birthright is bliss. This bliss is only known beyond all beliefs. Knowing that bliss is our human birthright stirs something in me. What else could we aspire to in this world of constant flux?

Please enjoy todays video and make the commitment to expand…


With Love



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