A Very Human Process.

Observe the behaviour of a baby and what do you notice? Complete wonderment about the process of life. Sensory exploration and fascination with the outside world. Authentic communication. Awareness is fully open and spontaneous. From joy to despair in seconds and no fear of expressing rage and anger. The flexibility to express every aspect of human emotion. And now assess your own process of life right now.

You see, some humans believe that flexibility decreases with age. Lets begin with the physical process. Does your flexibility decrease with age? The answer is no. It depends how we use the body and indeed improvements can be had late into our 90s. The same is true of our experience of life. Our psychological flexibility improves if we choose to use this machine in a certain way.

Life is only known in the body. A baby will engage fully with the world through its sensory experience. It has no filters and no labels to neatly package each word into the brain. Your life will flourish when you feel the deepest sensory imprint on your being in every moment. When you respond to the world authentically through this sensory experience without the filters. There is a sense of life and joy is inevitable.

Challenge your beliefs about yourself. My experience of creating a video every day has increased my flexibility in a week. Slowly eroding the deeply held beliefs that had survived for decades. And here we have the point. We are a process. Every moment we decide how our life is created. There is no fixed reality that we all adhere to. Our inner feeling creates our Universe and this is influenced by our deepest help beliefs and values.

Join me on this journey back to pure awareness of the new born. Bliss and joy are our birthright. Growth is a human need and we choose to take this path through awareness. Where can you take a small step today into flexibility? This is your path to freedom. I hope you enjoy my latest video on this topic…

With Love,


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